Check Pondicherry Birth Certificate Status Online

Let us tell you that this Pondicherry Birth Certificate Status is such a document that will be useful throughout the life of your child. There is some work of the Indian government in which the children of Pondicherry Municipal Council require birth certificates status.

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If this certificate is not there then there is some problem with the work. In this article, you can know about check Birth Certificate Status and Birth Certificate Download birth certificate of Pondicherry.

This document also serves as the identity of the child throughout the world. In recent times, birth certificate has become very mandatory. Also, all the schemes of the Tamil Nadu government are revealed according to these birth certificates.

Pondicherry Birth Certificate Status Online

Get Birth Certificate in Pondicherry, Apply Online- Puducherry Birth Certificate is issued by the state government. You can Birth Certificate Download the application form for the certificate of birth through the website of Puducherry. Government or Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Pondicherry birth certificates are issued from the registration centers and offices where the parents were residing at the time of the child’s birth. Let me tell you; It has three parts:- Nagar Nigam, Nagar Palika, Nagar Palika Parishad, and Gram Panchayat.

For your convenience, the Government of Tamil Nadu has also made arrangements to apply online. For this, you have to follow some important steps given below. If you live in villages, this online registration facility may not be available to you. Happily, people of Pondicherry Municipal Council can apply online.

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Online Birth Certificate Download

Post NamePondicherry Birth Certificate Status
State NameTamil Nadu, India
Name of corporation or StatePondicherry Municipal Corporation
How to Birth Certificate Apply Online?Apply Here
Ayodhya Municipal Corporation Official
Article CategoryOnline Birth Certificate Status
Date Of Birth Certificate DownloadCheck Here

How To Apply For Birth Certificate In Puducherry

The application can be made online through the Common Service Center (CSC) or by submitting the application in the office of the above competent authority.

Required Documents for Birth Certificate in Puducherry

  • Hospital Certificate
  • Identity proof of parents
  • Affidavit (Signed by Notary)

Registration Of Births and Issue Of Certificates

  • Registration of birth and death is mandatory
  • Birth and death events should be recorded at the place of occurrence
  • Registration of births and deaths which took place even before the enactment of the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1969.
  • Reporting of births and deaths within 21 days of occurrence of events
  • Births and deaths are issued for the year 1880 to the present day.
  • Special provision regarding registration of births and deaths of citizens outside India
  • True copy of birth and death certificate issued within 15 days of receipt of application for the period up to 1880 (subject to the condition of record)
  • Birth certificate for the period up to 1930 and death certificate for the period up to 1954 will be issued not only through Computer Center in Pondicherry Municipality and 42 Common Service Center in the Union Territory of Puducherry on receipt of application.
  • Resignation certificate will be issued for the period from 01.01.1882 to 16.08.1962.
  • According to the time measure, the name can be included in the birth certificate from the birth before 2000 till 31.12.2014.
  • Marriage certificates have been issued since the year 1880 and all marriages are registered in the French language.
  • The name of the adopted parent may be included in the birth certificate by re-running the biological parent.
  • Issuance of burial permit to the residence of Puducherry municipal limits.
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Birth Certificate Issuing Authority In Puducherry

Registrar and Sub- Registrar of Local Body i.e. Pondicherry Municipal Corporation.

Concerned Department

Local Administration, Government of Puducherry

Delay in the Registration of Vital Events

Delay in registration of important events can be condoned by the following authorities.

  1. In case of delay of fewer than 30 days from the date of occurrence by the Registrar of Births and Deaths on payment of a fee of Rs.10/-
  2. 10/- on payment of fee by the Chief Registrar of Births and Deaths (Local Administration Department) if the delay is between one month to one year.
  3. 20/- by Civil Court in case of delay of more than one year on payment of Rs.

If you live in Pondicherry Municipal Corporation, then the Tamil Nadu government has launched a portal for Birth Certificates Online.

The name of this portal is, and this is a great official website of Date Of Birth Certificate Download online. As soon as you go to this website, you will easily get information about your work.

Why Birth Certificate Required in Pondicherry Municipal Corporation?

The birth certificate is beneficial in the future, and in its absence, many legal proceedings get hampered. It is being demanded at the time of admission of children in school.

Therefore, the Pondicherry Municipal Corporation’s birth certificate is a must for every child. Apart from this, it can also be used during college admission.

However, it also establishes the identity of the child, and it benefits from a variety of Tamil Nadu government schemes. Happily, you can now use it at the time of passport application as well.

It is also beneficial for inheritance and property claims. Here you can know more about Pondicherry Municipal Corporation Birth Certificate Online Form, Registration Check Birth Certificate Status.

Amount of charges to be paid for the required Certificates

Name of the Certificate /
Extract / Documents
Rate of Fees
1Birth and Death Certificate (Small)5
2Full Extract of Birth Certificate50
3Full Extract of Death Certificate50
4Full extract of Marriage Certificate50
5Livert de Famille100
6Ban Publication of Marriage50
7Marriage Certificate of Small30
8No Objection Certificate of Marriage50
9Conducting of Civil Marriage
(Including Livert de famille)
10Video coverage per video50
11Marriage Registratin (Declaration) (Including Livert de famille)200
12Avis de publication50
13Certificate of Non-divorce100
14Certificate de celibate100
15Application for Correction in
Birth / Death Certificate
16Search fee for each year5
17Search fee for intimation of Birth time5
18Name inclusion fee after 1 year10
19Delay Registration fee for one year10
20Delay Registration fee after one year20
21Correction fee for Birth/Death Certificate10
22Application for name inclusion in
Birth Certificate
23Non availability Certificate2
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