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Bihar Board Inter Class Biology Model Paper 2024 PDF with Important Topics

Bihar Board is going to start its inter exams on February 1, 2024. Science stream students will write their first paper in Biology under the BSEB Class 12 Board Exam 2024. On the last day before the exam, students should practice the latest BSEB Class 12 Biology Model Paper 2024 to get familiar with the exam format.

Understanding the structure of the bseb annual exam, several sections, the type of questions asked, and the marking scheme will help in formulating the right strategy for time management and writing the exam confidently.

Get here the direct link to download the latest BSEB 12th Biology Model Paper 2024 to optimize your preparation for tomorrow’s BSEB Intermediate Biology Exam 2024.

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Bihar Board Inter Class Biology Model Paper 2024

BSEB Biology Exam DateFebruary 1, 2024
Subject NameBiology
Subject Code119
Exam Timing3 Hours 15 minutes
Entry Last Time9:00 AM
Total Marks100

Bihar Board 12th Biology Model Question Paper 2024

  • The model paper is divided into two sections – Section A and Section B.
  • Section B contains 20 short answer questions out of which 10 questions are to be answered. Each question is of 2 marks.
  • Section A contains 70 objective-type questions, out of which 35 questions are to be answered. Each question is of 1 mark.
  • Section B also has 6 long answer questions, each of 5 marks, out of which any 3 questions are to be answered.

Bihar Board 12 Biology Important Topics

  • Unit 1: Reproduction
  • Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant
  • Fertilization, implantation
  • Male and Female Reproductive System, production of gametes.
  • Reproductive health control, contraception, and STDs.
  • Unit 2: Genetics and Evolution
  • Deviations from Mendelism ratio
  • Linkage and crossing over
  • Sex determination in humans
  • DNA, replication, transcription, translation
  • Evolution: Theories and evidences
  • Blood groups in human beings: Inheritance pattern of haemophilia.
  • Gene expression and regulation
  • DNA Fingerprinting
  • Unit 3: Biology & Human Welfare
  • Cancer and AIDS
  • Microbes in Human Welfare
  • Adolescence and drug alcohol abuse
  • Single Cell Protein
  • Basic concepts of immunology, vaccines,
  • Biofortification
  • Unit 4: Biotechnology and its Applications
  • Recombinant DNA technology: molecular diagnostic technique.
  • Biotechnology Process
  • Applications in Health & Medicines
  • Genetically modified (GM) organisms
  • Applications in Agriculture
  • Biosafety issues
  • Unit 5: Ecology and Environment
  • Organisms and Environment
  • Nutrient Cycling
  • Ecosystem
  • Biodiversity and its Conservation
  • Environmental Issues

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