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Bihar Board 12th Economics Model Paper 2024 and Important Topics

bihar board class 12 stream students can get the latest model paper of BSEB Class 12 Economics here.

This bseb inter economics model paper is an essential resource for last-minute revision as it helps you get familiar with the exam structure, number of sections, question types, and marking scheme for the actual exam. This information is useful in reducing anxiety, allowing you to take the exam with clarity and focus.

Get the direct link to download the latest BSEB Class 12th Economics Model Paper 2024 and solve it for effective revision before tomorrow’s economics exam.

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Bihar Board Inter Economics Model Paper 2024

BSEB Economics Exam DateFebruary 1, 2024
Subject NameEconomics
Subject Code320
Exam Timing3 Hours 15 minutes
Entry Last Time9:00 AM
Total Marks100

Bihar Board 12th Class Economics Model Paper 2024

  • The model paper is divided into two sections – Section A and Section B.
  • Section B contains 30 short answer questions, out of which 15 questions are to be answered. Each question is of 2 marks.
  • Section A consists of 100 objective-type questions, out of which 50 questions have to be answered. Each question is of 1 mark.
  • Section B also has 8 long answer questions, out of which 4 questions are to be answered. Each question is of 5 marks.

Bihar Board 12 Economics Important Topics

ChapterImpportant Topics
Consumer Behaviour and DemandUnderstand the concepts of utility maximization, demand curve, price elasticity of demand, and factors affecting demand.Pay attention to one and two commodity cases in consumer equilibrium.
Producer Behaviour and SupplyMaster the production function, cost concepts (total, average, marginal), producer’s equilibrium, and price elasticity of supply.
Forms of Market and Price DeterminationFocus on perfect competition, its features, and how equilibrium price is determined with shifts in demand and supply.Understand other market forms like monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly.
Part B: Introductory Macroeconomics
National Income and Related AggregatesGrasp the concepts of GDP, GNP, NDP, NNP, disposable income, and understand how national income is measured.
Determination of Income and EmploymentLearn about aggregate demand, aggregate supply, their components, and the two-sector model for income and employment determination.Understand the investment multiplier and its impact.
Money and BankingGo through the meaning, evolution, and functions of money.Know the causes, effects, and control measures for inflation.Understand the roles of the central bank and commercial banks, alongside recent reforms in the Indian banking system.
Government Budget and the EconomyComprehend the government budget, its components, objectives, and types of receipts and expenditures.Be familiar with balanced, surplus, and deficit budgets and their implications.Understand revenue deficit, fiscal deficit, and primary deficit with control measures.

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