All Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022 Pdf Download In Hindi

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The BSEB hopes that the Bihar Board matric class syllabus will be reduced by 30%, given the circumstances. After this decision is approved, the new Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022 has been released on the Bihar Board’s official website.

Students will also be updated here for reference. Students preparing for BSEB Class matric examinations will have to go through the entire Bihar Board 10th matric syllabus and prepare a preparation strategy accordingly. Students will also have to go through Bihar Board class 10th preparation tips, which will help them take the exam.

With the syllabus, it is advised that students know the pattern of Bihar Board class 10th exam 2022, which will help them to formulate an effective strategy to answer the questions on the exam day.

The BSEB conducts both regular and supplementary secondary and senior secondary board exams twice a year. Students can download the syllabus of the Bihar Board as a PDF file; the subject wise syllabus is released for English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, Urdu, Sanskrit, and other optional subjects. Students can also download BSEB Matric Class Book PDF along with a sample question paper from the official website.

Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022

Post Name Matric Exam Syllabus PDF Download
Board NameBihar School Examination Board
Name of ExamClass Matric Examination 2022
Session Year2020 – 2022
Name of the SubjectScience, English, Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, Social Science, Sanskrit
Download SyllabusBihar Board 10th Syllabus Pdf
BSEB 10th Result 2022Click Here

Bihar Board 10th Syllabus — BSEB Matric NCERT Book Pdf Download

Students looking for the most recently released Bihar Board matric class syllabus for the year 2022 can now easily download it. All the direct links to download PDF files of these BSEB Class matric syllabus are given below.

The details of the Bihar Board 2022 syllabus of all the class matric subjects are given on this page. Please read this page thoroughly and make sure that you have not missed the important links you have listed.

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We know that having proper knowledge about the Bihar Board class matric syllabus means a lot and plays an important role in preparing for board exams, so we provide you with the latest class syllabus of class 10th. Download Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022 and start your preparation. Bihar Board class 10th Syllabus Exam Pattern Download PDF,

In this post, we provide the latest information on the syllabus of Bihar Board matric class 2022 to the students of BSEB. A matriculation student study program in a new pattern is available here in PDF format. And at the same time, the candidates should go through the details of the BSEB Class Matric Exam Pattern 2022.

All the candidates appearing in the examination have to download the BSEB class Matric Syllabus 2022 PDF directly from the attached link. Scroll down the page, and you will get all the details required to download the BSEB Matric syllabus 2022.

Download the BSEB Matric Syllabus 2022

The Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022 plays a significant role during the preparation of the board examination.

Once students are well versed with the Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022, they get a fair idea about how to start their preparation, and it also helps them understand the exam pattern. Students searching for Bihar Board Matric Class Syllabus 2022 can now click on the link that we have given and can easily download the syllabus of all subjects.

The PDF files contain all the required details as per the syllabus of Bihar Board Class 10th. These will definitely help the students in achieving their goal of getting high marks in the board examination.

Stepes To Download Class 10th Syllabus

  • Visit the official website of Bihar Matric Board –
  • Click on the “Students section” on the home page.
  • In a new window, click on the “Syllabus” option to download the PDF.
  • Download and save the PDF for future reference.

BSEB Matric Subjects Lists 2022 & Important Chapters

ScienceChemical Compounds,
The Living World,
Electricity and its effects,
Light and Communication,
Natural Resources, etc
MathematicsNumber System,
Coordinate Geometry,
Algebra, etc
HindiUnseen Passage,
Supplementary Textbook
Grammar and TranslationTextbooks,
Supplementary Readers
SanskritUnseen Passage,
supplementary Textbook
 Social ScienceIndia and Contemporary World-II,
Resources of India,
Political Science-II,
Understanding Economics,
Disaster Management
Others Language Urdu,

Bihar Board 10th Subjects Lists 2022

Subject NameMarks
Maths100 Marks
Science100 Marks
Social Science100 Marks
Sanskrit100 Marks
Mother Tongue (Hindi/ Urdu/ Bangla)100 Marks
English100 Marks

BSEB Class Matric All Subject Syllabus

  • Compalsory Subject
    Social Science
  • Modern Indian Language – MIL
  • Second Indian Language – SIL
  • Optional Subjects (OPT)
    Advance Maths
    Fine Arts
    Home Science

Download Bihar Board Matric Syllabus PDF for Different Subjects

Subject NameSubjects Pdf Download Links
Bihar Board Hindi Syllabus 2022Download PDF
Bihar Board Urdu Syllabus 2022Download PDF
Bihar Board Bangla Syllabus 2022Download PDF 
Bihar Board Mathematics Syllabus 2022Download PDF
Bihar Board Social Science Syllabus 2022Download PDF
Bihar Board Science Syllabus 2022Download PDF
Bihar Board English Syllabus 2022Download PDF

Bihar Board Class 10th Subjects & Syllabus 2022

the subject wise syllabus is released for Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics, English, Science, and other optional subjects.

BSEB Class 10th Mathematics Syllabus

Real NumbersEuclid’s Division Lemma and Algorithm,
Rational and Irrational Numbers,
Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic
10 Marks
PolynomialsZeroes and Coefficients,
Geometric Meaning of The Zeroes,
Division Algorithm For Polynomials
20 Marks
– Linear EquationsGraphical Solution to Linear Equations,
Elimination Method,
Substitution Method, C
ross Multiplication Method,
Equations Reducible to Linear Form
– Quadratic EquationsIntroduction to Quadratic Equations,
Method of Completing the Square,
Nature of Roots Equations,
Reducible to Quadratic Form
– Arithmetic ProgressionIntroduction to Arithmetic Progression,
nth term of an AP,
Sum of n Terms of an AP,
Word Problems of AP
Coordinate GeometryArea of Triangles,
Distance Formula,
Section Formula
10 Marks
Introduction to TrigonometryTrigonometrical Ratios,
Trigonometric Tables,
Trigonometric Ratios of,
Complementary Angles
Trigonometric Identities,
Applications of Trigonometric Identities
20 Marks
– Some Applications of TrigonometryIntroduction to Heights and Distances,
Applications of Heights and Distances
TrianglesPythagoras Theorem,
Basic Proportionality Theorem,
Converse of BPT,
Criteria For Similar Triangles,
Problems on Similar Triangles,
Areas of Similar Triangles,
30 Marks
– CirclesTangents to A Circle,
Properties of Tangents
– ConstructionConstructions of Similar Triangles,
Construction of Tangents
– Areas Related to CirclesArea and Circumference of a Circle,
Areas of Sectors and Segments,
Areas of Combination of Figures
– Surface Areas and VolumesSurface Area: Combination of Solids,
Volume: Combination of SolidsConversion of Solids
Frustum of A Cone
StatisticsArithmetic Mean of Grouped Data,
Mode of Grouped Data,
Median of Grouped Data,
Relation Between Central Tendencies,
Cumulative Frequency Curve
10 Marks
– ProbabilityClassical Approach to ProbabilityApplications of Probability

BSEB Class 10th Social Science Syllabus

Unit NameTopics NameMarks
HistoryNationalism in India
Cities in the Contemporary World
Society, and History
Print Culture and the Modern World
Rise of Nationalism in Europe
The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
Age of Industrialisation
The Making of a Global World
25 Marks
Power Sharing
Democracy and Diversity
Popular Struggles and Movements
Outcomes of Democracy
Religion and Caste
Political Parties
Challenges to Democracy
25 Marks
GeographyForest and Wildlife Resources
Resources and Development
Manufacturing Industries
Water Resources
Lifelines of National Economy
Minerals and Energy Resources
25 Marks
EconomicsIndian Economy and its Development
Money and Credit
Consumer Rights
Globalization and the Indian Economy
22 Marks
Disaster ManagementDisaster Management6 Marks

BSEB Class 10th Science Syllabus

Unit  NameMarks
Chemical Compounds25
The Living World20
Electricity and its effects18
Light and Communication12
Natural Resources10

BSEB Class 10th Hindi Syllabus

Unit NameMark
Unseen Passages20
Text Book40
Supplementary Textbook10

BSEB Class 10th English Syllabus

Unit NameTopic NameMarks
English Prose3 short answers type questions
One explanation in 3 different passages
Two reading passages with comprehension questions
Use of words
2 long answer type questions
20 Marks
GrammarSentences Correction
Direct and Indirect Narration
Antonyms and Synonyms
15 Marks
Text Book & Supplementary TextbooksQuestions asked from the BSEB 10th Matric textbooks50 Marks
CompositionEssay Writing/ Application Writing/ Letter Writing15 Marks

BSEB Class 10th Sanskrit Syllabus

Unit NameMarks
Unseen Passages13
Applied Grammar and Translation32
Textbook Passages40

Short Details About Bihar Board

The Bihar Board, also AKA BSEB, is functioning under the Government of Bihar responsible for conducting examinations at the secondary and senior secondary levels. Listed below are some facts about Bihar Board.

  • Bihar Board headquarters is in Patna.
  • It is also known for other exams like Diploma in Physical Aid, Certificate in Physical Aid, TET (Teachers Eligibility Test) etc. for the state of Bihar.
  • Bihar Board conducts school exams twice a year.
  • The official website of Bihar Board is

FAQ: BSEB Matric Syllabus 2022

Que – How To Download the BSEB Class 10th Free Model Papers 2022?

Ans – Students preparing for Bihar Board Matric exams can download free Bihar Board Class Matric model papers from this post.

Que – What are the Minimum Passing Marks for BSEB matric Exams 2022?

Ans – Candidates need to attain a minimum of 30% marks in theory and 40% marks in practical exams to qualify for each paper

Que – Where to Download Bihar Board 10th syllabus PDF?

Ans – Students can download the course PDF from the student section of the official website of the board –

Que – How many optional subjects can a student choose in BSEB Class Matric?

Ans – Students can choose one optional subject along with six main subjects in Bihar Board 2022.

Last Word:

We hope that the Bihar Board 10th Syllabus 2022 provided was useful to your students. We suggest you bookmark this page so that you will be updated with all the latest information as per Bihar Board. If you have any questions, write in the comment section. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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