What Is SSLC and Matriculation In RRB JE Means

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SSLC and Matriculation In RRB JE Means

SSLC and Matriculation In RRB JE are two completely different subjects. The matriculation degree is the measure of scholars who register at a university or college upon graduation in high school. To understand the concept of SSLC and Matriculation, one must be aware of the features.

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In the year 2022, around 19,000,00 students have appeared for the 10th class board exam from CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Many students of state boards have also appeared in 10th class board exams.

Everyone must have heard the word SSLC and Matriculation in 2022. But very few people know what is SSLC and Matriculation. In this post, you will know the exact meaning and description of both words.

SSLC and Matriculation In RRB JE

Many people are not able to understand the change between Sslc and Matriculation In RRB Je Means. The full form of SSLC is Secondary School Leaving Certificate. It is given through the second panel of the seminary on Prosperous Achievement in the final examination of class 10th.

It is a scheme to be monitored by subordinate institutions in India when a scholar has completed his/her class 10th. In states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka, SSLC is a model for mass fitness of merit in the study. Matriculation means a process or syllabus is given for an examination. Whether the processor syllabus is of the 10th board exam or the entrance exam of any university.

Now, you must have understood that SSLC and SSC are two different things. Everyone is fully aware of the term SSC. There are many government exams in India. SSC, which stands for Staff Selection Committee, is one of the most important government exams in India. The Government of India conducts the SSC exam every year.

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Sslc Vs Matriculation

SSLC and Matric are the pillars of the Indian education system. To understand its concept, one must be aware of its characteristics. SSLC and Matric are two completely different subjects from each other. One cannot offer to choose between the two as both have very different backgrounds, aptitudes, and reasons.

Where, SSLC is a certificate or document given to a student after the completion of their second year i.e. 10th board, whereas matriculation means when a student enrolls or matriculates or prepares for admission to a particular college. is. Thus both the words carry very different meanings from each other and have their own reasons and meanings.

Secondary School Leaving Certificate (commonly referred to as SSLC) is a document obtained by a scholar on the effective conclusion of an examination at the conclusion of education in the subordinate education system in India. SSLC is obtained in India on passing the 10th standard civil exam often referred to as the “board exam”.

This is a collective eligibility analysis prevalent in global markets, several states, and districts of India, especially Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka. Nevertheless, matriculation is the certificate of being a 10th class student who is eligible to pursue higher education or to appear in various competitive examinations.

Matric on the other hand is a term generally used to refer to the 10th standard. Matriculation ends in the tenth board and the qualification obtained as a result of passing the national board examination or state board examination, commonly referred to as the “matriculation examination” and in India, the term matriculation examination is still used since the time of the British rule.


SSC also stands for Secondary School Certificate, it is a certificate which you get after completing 10th board exam. On the other hand, SSLC, which is the secondary school leaving certificate, is also obtained after the completion of class 10th.

SSLC is proof that you have completed your education up to class 10th. In almost every state, SSLC is a mandatory criterion for some entrance exams after the 10th.


The term matriculation is commonly used when a student is entering a university or becoming eligible for a certain academic examination. In India, matriculation refers to a student studying in class 10th or class 10th of secondary education. It is the final year of secondary or high school education.

When one passes matriculation in a native college, it means that he has registered as a scholar there. If he/she wants to pass matriculation from a certain university, it means that he/she wants to enroll there as a scholar. The term matriculate is often confused with the term undergraduate – which says that a scholar has completed a course of education.

The matriculation degree is the measure of scholars who register at a university or college upon graduation in high school. SSLC and Matric are two completely different subjects. To understand the future of SSLC and Matric one must be aware of the features of SSLC and Matric.

What Is Sslc and Matriculation

SSLC and Matriculation both refer to class 10th of the Indian secondary education system. SSLC is the Leaving Certificate which is awarded till the end of the 10th standard. Matric means a student who is studying in class 10th. Features of SSLC Matriculation are as follows.

Features Between Sslc and Matriculation

  • SSLC and Matric both terms are used in the final year of secondary education, that is class 10th.
  • Secondary school education starts from class 6th to class 10th.
  • Secondary School: The subsequent five years from class 6 to class 10 are recognized as secondary school.
  • Primary School: The initial five years of schooling are identified as primary school.
  • High School: These are the last two years of school, starting from class 10 to class 12.
  • Primary school is the first five years of education from the first grade to the fifth grade.
  • The last two years of school are a high school.
  • After matriculation, the student can either go to the diploma course or continue with the intermediate class of 2 years.

Sslc and Matriculation In RRB Je Means

RRB means Railway Recruitment Board. Railway recruits thousands of candidates every year across the country.

RRB conducts an entrance test and interview for recruitment in Indian Railways. There is also a Junior Engineer post in RRB which is commonly called RRB JE.

RRB has various criteria for the candidates to appear in the exam. The main criteria to appear in the RRB exam is to complete the 10th standard.

SSLC is proof that you have completed the 10th standard. Thus, it is necessary to provide an SSLC certificate to appear in RRB or Railway exam.

What is SSLC and Matriculation Difference?

  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate is a certificate system that is mandatory to be followed in every school while matriculation is the final year of secondary school.
  • SSLC stands for Secondary School Leaving Certificate, which is issued after the completion of 10th standard while Matric means a student studying in 10th standard.
  • SSLC is a mandatory certificate that is required to get admission to a college after 10th while matriculation is the final year which has to be completed by appearing in board examinations.

SSLC and Matric both are related to class 10th yet the meaning of both is quite different. Here are some of the differences between SSLC vs Matriculation / SSLC and Matriculation In RRB JE

SSLC Documentation (Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate) is a certificate obtained by scholars after passing the Senior Subordinate and effectively ending school editing starting from class 1st and ending in 10th.

Certificate analysis or class 10 exam is conducted by the individual state administration in each state, whichever is permitted by the Department of Human Resource Development as well as the subdivision of school teaching.

This education system will not be so difficult if you compare it with CBSE or SSLC and Matric. To understand the concept of SSLC and Matric, one must be aware of the features of SSLC and Matric.

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SSLC or Matriculation Admit Card

According to Admit Card, which is an education website which mentions articles and blogs related to educational subjects like courses, streams, programmes, universities etc, it mentions that SSLC is mainly the document which is given or received by that student.

One who has passed class 10th board examination or secondary examination. Whereas, matric means that when a person has registered or enrolled himself in a particular college, it means that he has matriculated himself by that particular institute or college.

FAQ — Sslc and Matriculation

Que —  Are SSLC and Matriculation The Same?

Ans — No, SSLC and Matric both come from very different backgrounds with different reasons and meanings. Both have their own importance and reasons for existence. One is content while the other is a word reference.
Whereas, when a person enrolls or registers himself in a university, the registration is known as matriculation with that particular university. Thus, both have completely different meanings and reasons for their existence and are not particularly similar to each other.

Que — What is Matriculation Equal To?

Ans — The Matriculation Certificate is a prerequisite awarded to scholars who aim to register in an academic for higher studies other than a subordinate university organization. Matriculation certificate considerations are on par with British standard academics. In one section of the exam scholars from many fields of academics are asked to write the exam on various subjects.

Que — Is High school Matric or 12th in India?

Ans — In some schools, high school is considered after class 10th i.e. after class 11th and 12th. Secondary education includes a high school for children in India.

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