CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List Sahayak Adhyapak Pay Slip

Hello Friends, Welcome to Friends today are going to tell you a lot of useful information related to teachers. Which everyone must know, especially the assistant teacher (CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3, Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List, Shiksha Karmi Varg or Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 Salary).

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If you are also associated with education or a teacher, then definitely read this information till the end. Today we are sharing information about the salary fixation and salary discrepancy of Assistant CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3.

Teachers posted in government school in Chhattisgarh state, which have been given different names by the government, such as: CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 1, Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List.

History Of Education Teacher’s

If we talk about the history of education workers, then this article will be quite long, yet today we will tell you some special things about shikshakarmi. By the way, the creator of education worker is the state of Madhya Pradesh, which will be known to all of you. After 1993, regular teachers were not recruited.

The state government started the process of recruiting temporarily unemployed youth for teaching as schoolworkers to run the education system in schools, at this time they were given some money as honorarium. This cadre struggled a lot.

In 1998, some rules were made for education workers, in which the pay scale was set for them. But here too his post was kept temporary. And the pay scale was also kept low. The struggle of the education workers still continued and many agitations continued.

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How The CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List Salary Was Done

CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3, who is currently an assistant teacher, many things were ignored while determining their salary. If we talk about the revised salary then when the revised salary was given.

At that time, the salary was determined in such a way that the salary which was to be received was less than the fixation. This is the reason that the assistant teacher is suffering the most financial loss.

Friends Assistant teacher has become a class which is facing financial loss of 10000 to 12000 rupees per month as well as neither they are getting promotion nor promotion. If promotion or promotion is found, then this problem can be reduced to some extent. But no clear instructions regarding promotion or promotion have been received from the government.

Let’s tell you about the salary of Assistant Teacher – Friends, for example, we will tell you about the calculation, salary fixation of Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List (Assistant Teacher) salary appointed in 2011. You can also calculate the salary of the education personnel appointed in the other year on this basis.

Determination of salary of appointed education personnel class-03 in 2011

Like, the first appointment of an education worker class-03 was done in the year 2011. When the education worker was appointed in 2011, the pay value of education class 03 was 3800 -100 -5800. This salary was also included with the DA payable from the government at that time. After the examination period, a provision was made to increase the salary to Rs. 100 per annum.

The recruitment rule of education personnel class three has prescribed a time of 7 years for promotion. Under this, if any education worker is a class-03 (seven) graduate with 7 years of service and professional qualification (D. Ed / B. Ed), then he should get promotion in education worker class-02.

If an education worker has completed class-03 seven years, then his increase in basic salary will be Rs 3800 +700 = 4500 with an increase of Rs 100 * 7 = Rs 700 according to the increment of Rs 100 per year. And at this time the government will also get dearness allowance and interim relief.

Samaymaan Vetan

The government made a new provision of time-scale pay scale for education workers, in which graduate education workers who have completed seven years were eligible for the time-scale pay scale. If we talk of Shiksha Karmi class-03, then in seven years, a new salary value of 5000-150-20000 +2500 teaching allowance was arranged.

Based on the arrangement of timescale of pay, if the education personnel talk about the CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 Salary in eight years, then at this time the process of merger of education workers has started and every teacher who completed the Panchayat cadre eight years The school education department is merged.

Now, as we teach you, for example, the first appointment of Education-Class-03, then let us discuss about the fixation of the salary of Education-Class-03 of the 2011 batch. cg Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 List appointed in July 2011, is completed in eight years in July 2019. At this time, the basic salary should be Rs 5150 on the basis of the salary of the education worker.

Vetan Punrikshan

The government issued an order in 2013 for the teacher panchayat cadre to be given a salary equivalent to that of a government teacher, which was called Revised Pay 2013.

At this time CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 (Assistant Teacher Panchayat) has been fixed as basic pay 7440 and grade pay 2400 as revised salary. Thus Dearness Allowance now payable above Basic 9840 was added. Let us tell you further about how the basic salary 7440 was determined and what was the basis for it – 4000 * 1.86 = 7440 was set for Assistant Teacher Panchayat to determine 7440 basic salary.

This means that at this time the current basic salary of Assistant Teacher Pt was considered as Rs 4000. Whereas the base salary was to be 5150 based on the time scale salary. as detailed above about salary fixation and current salary, now further you are sharing information about how to fix the salary discrepancy of assistant teacher.

The order of fixation of salary in first and second higher pay band and grade pay on the basis of increment / time scale is the complete solution to remove the pay discrepancy.

Friends, the State Government has completed the period of 8 years of service as government teachers under Rule 2-3 of the Salary Revision Rules 2009 as per schedule (one) of the pay band and grade pay respectively to Assistant Teacher (Pt / ni) 5200 -20200+ 2400, 9300-34800 + 4200 to teacher (Pt / Nan), 9300-34800 + 4300 to Lecturer (Pt / Nan).

Friends salary discrepancy that has occurred is not to follow Rule 7 (a) of the Salary Revision Rules 2009 while determining salary.

Under this rule, the basic salary that was being received on the date of 8 years of the teacher was to be multiplied by 1.86 and the salary was to be fixed by adding the grade pay of that post.

Pay was to be fixed in the first higher scale on the basis of the pay band and grade pay relative to the pay scale received in the promotion / time scale of the date of 10 years in the same post.On the basis of this salary, the LPC was to be issued on 30 June 2018 as per the salary, but it was not done.

Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Mr. Gaurav Dwivedi on 6.4.2019 for the employer of Panchayat / Urban body who has become a teacher (Pt / Nani) in the Department of Education (E LB / T LB) on 1.7.2018. Issued directions for timelines and gradations.

He had completed 10 years in the same post while staying in the Panchayat / Urban body. He was getting the salary of the revised salary as per the gradation / time scale payable from that date to the salary band and grade pay respectively of the assistant (Pt / ni) 9300- There is an order to issue revised LPC on 30 June 2018 by fixing salary of 34800 + 4200, teacher (Pt / N) in 9300-34800 + 4400, and lecturer (Pt / N) in 9300-34800 + 4800.

But it is unfortunate that employers and local fund supervisors are not following this order.
Many teachers went to the Hon’ble High Court and the Hon’ble Court has clearly ordered the employer and the government that they are eligible to get incremental / timely pay scale on completion of 10 years of service in the same post.

Friends, for those teachers whose LPC is not being issued by fixing salary in pay band and grade in revision of salary on the basis of promotion / timescale as per the date fixed by the Hon’ble Court, then the reluctant employer and the Deputy Director and Assistant Director of Local Fund Organization Make a case of contempt of court by making it a party.

What should be the revised salary of Assistant Teacher Pt.

Based on the time scale of pay, the basic salary of Assistant Teacher Pt = 5000 (in 7 years) and 5000 +150 (increment of salary) = 5150 in eight years. On this basis, now salary revision -5150 * 1.86 = 9579 rupees +2400 grade pay.

Thus, this pay scale should be the original 30300 / – in the seventh pay label 6. Along with this, the present dearness allowance and other allowance will also be payable.

In this way, the assistant teachers who have been appointed in the year 2011 are given basic salary – 30300 basic salary +12% DA (3636) +777 (HR) +600 (medical) +200 (other) = 35513 / – (total salary). Deduction – CPS – 3394 / – + 300 (GIS) = 3694 / – Now the amount to be received after deduction – 35513-3694 = 31819 / –


Today’s article talks about the salary fixation, salary discrepancy and salary discrepancy of assistant teacher. Also, the salary given to the assistant teacher is explained in detail. In this, how the CG Shiksha Karmi Varg 3 salary of the appointed education worker in the year 2011 has been determined and how it should be.

You can also determine the salary of the education workers appointed in other years. And you can know how much your salary is and how much you should get.

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